Bridgestone's Futuristic Airless Tyres Are Almost Ready For Your Car

Bridgestone's Futuristic Airless-Tires Are Almost Ready For Your Car

Bridgestone continues to taunt us with its wonderful airless tyres that promise enhanced durability, minimal maintenance, and the ability to never go flat. Previously, the tyremaker was only demonstrating smaller versions of the wheel designed for golf carts and the like, but at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show it's finally revealed a larger version bringing the innovative tyres one step — or roll — closer to your car.

The second-generation of Bridgestone's non-pneumatic tyres has a larger diameter, improved load-bearing capabilities, and can handle speeds of up to almost 70km/h. So slapping a set on your family's minivan isn't going to happen just yet, but the tyres can finally be used on vehicles larger than a go-kart.

Bridgestone's Futuristic Airless-Tires Are Almost Ready For Your Car

Admittedly, it's an incremental step, but it's proof that Bridgestone's engineers are working hard to perfect the design of airless tyres so that eventually they're a viable alternative to what's on your vehicle now. Because while being able to buy an ATV with non-pneumatic tyres is neat, consumers want to be reassured that one day they'll never have to change a flat tyres on their sedan in the pouring rain ever again. [Bridgestone via Fareastgizmos]

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