A Sensor-Packed Teddy Bear That Keeps An Eye On Your Baby

A Sensor-Packed Teddy Bear That Keeps an Eye On Your Baby

A stuffed animal can give a child some much needed comfort, but the Tedi promises to do the same for new parents. On the outside it looks like your run-of-the-mill plush toy, but on the inside it's packed full of sensors that report various aspects of a child's status and progress to a smartphone, allowing helicopter parents to remotely hover 24 hours a day.

Besides stuffing, inside Tedi you'll find a microphone that keeps track of when and for how long an infant cries, a thermometer to monitor its temperature, a sensor to keep track of its pulse, and a grip sensor that keeps tabs on your child's continually improving strength. All of this data is wirelessly transmitted to an accompanying iOS or Android app, giving concerned parents up to the minute details on their child's progress.

A Sensor-Packed Teddy Bear That Keeps an Eye On Your Baby

Tedi isn't limited to one-way communications, though. A built-in speaker lets parents activate a white noise generator that should help restless babies drift off to sleep. Or it can be used to play customised messages, or even help them learn words through repetition. Available for pre-order now for $US99, Tedi is expected to ship in January of next year, giving families a sort of plush Mary Poppins that does everything but handle feedings and change nappies. [Tedi via Damn Geeky]

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