X-Men: Days Of Future Past Has A Gripping First Trailer

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Has A Gripping First Trailer

Please. We need you to hope again…”

X-Men: Days Of Future Past finally has a full-length first trailer that sees worlds collide as Wolverine is sent back in time to stop a war before it begins.

Everyone’s here to fight the fight for mutant-kind, too: Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence are all back reprising their roles from X-Men: First Class as young Magneto, Xavier and Mystique. Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are back also reprising the older Magneto and Xavier parts. Anna Paquin is back as Rogue and Ellen Page is kicking about playing Kitty Pryde.

Comic spoilers beyond this point!

The Days Of Future Past arc in the Uncanny X-Men universe centres around a dystopian future where mutants are held prisoner in internment camps, before Kitty Pryde has her mind transferred into her younger body to compel the X-Men of the past to intervene in a moment in history to stop the horrible future from happening. In the film version, however, it looks like Wolverine is being sent back.

As we saw from the viral trailer, the Sentinels are going to play a much bigger role in this film than their brief appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Great to see Bryan Singer back at his mutant-directing best!

Also, can we put a moratorium on trailers lazily using the climactic theme from Sunshine? That’d be great.

Days Of Future Past lands in Australia on May 22 next year.