Watch This Incredible Bike Video Shot With The New GoPro Cameras

Extreme sports and GoPro go together like Michael Bay and explosions. Get in here and watch this freaking awesome video shot on the brand new GoPro 3+. It's a beautiful bike ride through Brazil that defies gravity.


    I so want to do that, and have those bikes, and gear.. and hell throw in the go pros as well :) that would be fun AS!

    I played around with my brother's GoPro Hero 3 black the other night, and really liked what I saw. The remote app was awesome and it took some decent video. Not sure if I could justify $500 for one though.

    Plus, after watching a number of GoPro videos on the internet, I get the feeling that having one of these would let me backflip off cliffs, ride bikes down steep mountainsides and skateboard in New York..


    Incredible if you don't watch downhill races regularly I suppose.
    This looks like your average downhill street course to me. :p

    I thought it was a trailer for the remake of ET.

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