This Is The Coolest Augmented Reality Idea Yet For Using Your Smartphone

For years, smartphone manufacturers have been trying to get you to use your phone without pulling it out of your pocket. Tried, and failed. But forget smartwatches. Forget smartphones, even. This is the coolest way of using your phone you'll ever see, it and it comes straight out of the incredible Meta Smart Glasses.

Imagine using your full-sized phone without using it at all. That's the idea that has come out of Meta's big ideas competition for the augmented reality glasses.

Basically, instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket or looking at a tiny "smart" watch to get your information, the Meta Smart Glasses you're wearing on your face just projects a holographic representation of the phone you have into your hand as you look down, before then allowing you to interact with it.

Here's the idea by user people9:

Smartphones have become an intricate part of our daily lives. For some of us, if we had to chose only one thing to take with us it is our phone.
Bluetooth technology has given us the technology to leave our phone in our pockets while still sending messages and calling. How about we take this one step further. Leave the phone in your pocket like you do with your bluetooth, BUT still be able to see it.
Whether you have an iPhone or Android, have an app on your phone that projects your phones UI to a holographic replica in you hand. Use it like you would your normal phone, text, call, etc... A holographic phone cant be scratched, lost, or stolen. Your phone's screen being off in your pocket will also improve battery life.

You can vote in the comp for the Meta big ideas, but most regardless, engineers now have these great ideas and can hopefully start doing something with them.

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