Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone Theme Played On Floppy Drives Is Totally Rad

When I was little, I was a huge Sega fanboy. Sure Mario is great and all, but Sonic was where it was at. Looking back, I’m not sure the gameplay holds up that well but you can’t deny there were some great tunes. And this is one of them, and even better on floppies.

Put together by MrSolidSnake745 (whose fantastic work we’ve rocked out to before) this is one solid piece of floppy drive orchestration. Dare I say better than the original? Yeah, fuck it; I dare.

And while Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Act 1 theme is up there in the pantheon of great Sonic tunes, it’s still second to the Puppet Panic Zone Act 1 theme. Hey Snake, know what you should do next? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAKE! [MrSolidSnake745]