Self-Filling Petrol Station Pumps: Welcome To The Lazy Future

The full-service pump at your local petrol station is always a tempting option, particularly on cold mornings. But what if every pump was automatic? Husky and a company called Fuelmatics are developing robotic gas pumps that automatically fill your vehicle when you pull up. What a wonderful world.

At the moment the system requires a vehicle with a capless gas tank; it can't handle unscrewing and not losing an old-school cap. But more and more vehicles are coming standard with that option. After that, the pump carrying your selected type of fuel is inserted and your tank is automatically filled, while a vacuum shut-off system minimises any spillage.

Besides saving the driver from having to leave their vehicle or have awkward small talk with an attendant, the self-filling system is also claimed to reduce pump times by up to 30 per cent, which should help reduce lineups. So that settles the ease of pumping fuel; now if only someone would take care of the price. [Autoline via Autoblog]


    Hahaha, a capless gas tank, why don't they make the robot unlock the cap for you.

    what a fucking waste of energy inventing this - by the time this could become mainstream we should be moving to electric cars, and whilst ill always want a petrol powered car, i never want a robot doing this!

      i'm sure that our electric cars will be 'filled up' with these robots running on petrol.

    Would be nice in the future but I've never seen a capless fuel tank. Do they exist in Australia? I think if this needs changes in the Auto industry it will take ages.

      I did not know until recently they actually do.
      I had a Ford Mondeo rental car which is equipped with "Ford Easy Fuel" system... was a little startled when I opened the flap and there was no cap...

    It's like the past when you pulled up and someone filled it for you.

      Still available in Kelmscott, WA for all vehicles turning up.

    I'm still waiting for a day when I can pay at the pump..

      Those days have been and gone.
      Mobil had pay-at-the pump in their Quix stations around Australia, starting way back in the mid 1990's, up until they sold all their servos to 7Eleven in 2009.
      They're still very popular in the USA.

    I think a robot that automatically plugs in a charger cable or can hook up a Hydrogen nozzle would be more forward-thinking. Fossil fuel reserves will have long dried up before these robo-fuellers reach the servo forecourt.

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