Popular Piracy Site Reveals Itself As A Trap

Popular Piracy Site Reveals Itself As A Trap

Piracy is a dangerous game. You never know if the hosts are out to get money, or maybe just out to get you. Turns out the guy who ran a pirate haven called Uploader Talk was the latter. Now, after a year of stealing uploader’s info from deep cover, the jig is up.

Known only as WDJ, this turncoat has his roots in pirate-uploader culture. He got his start as a user, then moderator, then super-moderator at the even more popular pirate cove WJunction before leaving (on bad terms) to start Uploader Talk, a hangout for people who make money on piracy. Uploader Talk turned out pretty well on its own, garnering some 1000 registered users, mostly professional pirates. And then it announced a surprising re-focus yesterday.

Here’s the announcement, in all its [SIC]’d glory:

Hello Reader,

UT is now closed.

For how long: This is a permanent closure


UT was set up for a number of reasons. But mostly to be a sounding board, proof of concept (Hey Hawk a Year and it could have stayed online much longer), and to collect data.

That’s right the Biggest Swerve ever I, WDF, work for the Anti Piracy people! I have collected information on many of you. I collected info on file hosts, web hosts, websites.

How is it I was able to protect some sites and people? Because I was working for the other side!

How is it I knew so many things? Well think about it, I suckered shitloads of you.

I built a history, got the trust of some very important people in the warez scene collecting information and data all the time.

Look I became a WJ mod then smod rather quickly I became a influential figure there.

So what happens now? I am already working with different ID, a new persona, and still collecting data. Yo u never know who I will be or where I will turn up

I work for Nuke Piracy now, this is very bad for anyone profiting from piracy.

All it’s missing is a big fat “LOL” at the bottom.

NukePiracy LLC, the mysterious and obviously anti-piracy entity that acquired Uploader Talk, was formed just this month according to TorrentFreak, but god only knows what its plans are for all that sweet, sweet, pirate-uploader data.

But if you were searching for a good reason to be paranoid about the naughty things you do on the internet, look no further. [Uploader Talk via TorrentFreak]