Is This Strange-Looking LED Bulb The Future Of Lighting?

Is This Strange-Looking LED Bulb The Future Of Lighting?

The future of the incandescent bulb is not a bright one, especially if people keep coming up with replacements like the LED-sprinkled Nanoleaf pictured here. For 12W, you get light equal to a regular 100W bulb, except it lasts longer, is much cooler and is a great talking point when friends ask why your globes look like something out of Doctor Who.

Currently only available for pre-order, with delivery expected in December, the Nanoleaf sells itself as the “coolest bulb in the world”, at least according to the website. It also boasts an operating life “10 times as long as CFL bulbs, and 133 times longer than incandescent bulbs”, which is good to know because these things are not cheap.

Three types of bulbs available, a 75W ($US35) and 100W ($US50) “equivalents”, which consume 10W and 12W respectively. The last bulb ($US100), also 12W, puts out 1800+ lumens.

The prices are a tad higher than regular bulbs. OK, they’re a lot higher, but shipping is a flat $US7.99, unless your order is over $US100, in which case shipping is free.

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