Get An Adorable Book Of Your Digital Sketches Delivered To Your Door

If you're an artist or designer with an iPad, chances are you have come across Paper, the elegant and fun drawing app. Thanks to Paper's new partnership with Moleskine, you can now free your sketches from digital purgatory and purchase an actual physical book of your art.

The project is called Book, and the process is simple. From right inside the Paper app you can select up to 15 pages of your sketches to be printed out on sustainable matte paper in a fold-out book that matches the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad's display. You have a choice for the cover, which can be custom art, or a classic black leather hardcover. A book will cost you $US40 and takes about 2 weeks to printed and delivered.

Get an Adorable Book of Your Digital Sketches Delivered to Your Door

It's a neat idea, and a nice way to bridge the gap between the desire many have to preserve physical experiences while utilising the fun digital tools at our disposal. At $US40 for 15 pages, it probably isn't practical to use as a running archive of your digital sketches, but it could make a lovely gift or art project. The Paper update that features Book functionality is available now for download via the App Store. [FiftyThree Design]

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