Coles Will Let You Pay For Stuff With A Phone Sticker Too

You know those Commonwealth Bank PayTags we were talking about earlier? Turns out that they're a bit of tech from Mastercard, and Coles has them too.

The Coles Mastercard Pay Tag is a little sticker that you can throw onto the back of your phone and wave at a checkout's Contactless terminal to pay for your groceries.

It links up to your existing supermarket-branded payment card once scanned, charging it back to the linked account.

An app will link the sticker to your phone and help you manage the funds on the card.

The Coles Pay Tag will work with any PayPass terminal in the country, of which there are over 175,000 in the country right now.

It's not available to everyone just yet, but 5000 Coles Mastercard customers are testing it on their phones as you read.

Hopefully this comes to market for the rest of us soon!

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