Bravo, Foxtel: Walking Dead Airing In Australia Within 30 Minutes Of US

We give Foxtel a heap of crap for, quite often, being really crappy. Today, however, is not one of those days: Foxtel and local channel FX managed to air the season four premiere of The Walking Dead in Australia a mere 30 minutes after the episode has ended in the US.

Here's how it works: AMC in the US aired the season four premiere episode, titled "30 Days Without An Accident", at 9pm Eastern Time, or 12-midday Australian Eastern Daylight Time. The new episode will run on AMC for around 45-minutes to an hour, meaning it finishes at roughly 1pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Foxtel's FX channel will air the episode at 1:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 30 minutes after the episode finishes in the US.

Not only will the premiere be expressed to Aussie screens, FX will screen the epic season three finale episode, "Welcome to the Tombs", while you wait for the new ep so that you don't miss out on any of the crucial zombie-backstory.

Foxtel will even play the episode live for users of the Foxtel Play online streaming service.


For those who miss out on the truly fast-tracked premiere in Australia, FX will replay the episode pretty much all night tonight from 8:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

FX's latest efforts are almost as fast as the ABC's effort to put Doctor Who on iView within the hour after it aired on the BBC, if not faster. It comes after we chastised FX for bragging about airing season three of The Walking Dead "within 33 hours of the US". Mercifully, the channel listened.

Whoever signed this deal with AMC in the US, come down to the Gizmodo office for your free hug. You've earned it. [Foxtel]

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    does FX channel show adverts during programs?

      Of course they do and they are as long as free-to-air ads. Foxtel sucks!

    I hope they use this approach to some good tv series.

      Completely agreeing with your sentiment allows me to be objective in my opinion that passive aggression is something used mainly in jerks.

    30 MINUTES!!! No way. If you really want to stop people torrenting, it should be no more than three minutes after it starts airing on the east coast of the US. Anything less is just plain intolerable and we won't stand for it!

      I disagree with you mate, that is the way to do it. Files usually take about 10 min to be available after aired and you sill have to download it, which is usually slow in new files with little group of seeders and a huge swarm downloading it.
      Time to find a new excuse. ;)

        I've seen shows on the internet about 5 minutes after airing, and "hypothetically" if i download it from MEGA i can have it in 2 minutes, so that 7 minutes after the US. i could "hypothetically" beat the west coast watching TV Shows all the time, but that would be illegal.

        The site i'm a member of tv shows are usually up within 2 minute of them being aired and I get full bandwidth download of around 900kb/s..

      Not sure if trolling or you need to get out more.

      Rubbish! If Foxtel do not start playing ALL content from the USA 30 minutes BEFORE it has aired in the US then we are being ripped off!

    Still not worth paying four hundred bajillion dollars for a handful of shows.

    Last edited 14/10/13 1:14 pm

      Agreed. Canada is now forcing cable providers to unbundle packages. Hopefully, those providers will see an increase in subscriptions to individual channels which will make them realise that bundling channels sucks ass.

      Give me the content I want, how I want it and when I want it.

    Whats the cost a month of the packages needed to get this FX channel?

      Appears to be $47 a month. FX channel is on the essentials package.

    *Yawn* Wake me up when it's on free-to-air.

    Torrenting means you get it within 5 minutes :)

      5 minutes? Too long! RAAAAGE!

      Last edited 14/10/13 4:29 pm

    Moot point for me, since I've got it Series Linked to watch when I get home, but it's nice to know that it will be there ready and waiting when I am.

    It will be very interesting what impact, if any, this has on the torrents.
    Keep us informed!

    torrenting = no wait, within 5 mins of air, no ads, and no bundling of other unwanted channels in a *nipple rub* package

    simulcast is just half the problem
    on demand is the real solution

    I'm not fussed with how soon I can get it after it airs. It's the fact that the moment I have an hour free to watch it is very unlikely to happen to be the moment the show is scheduled to start. I don't care if I'm 12-72 hours "behind" - it's not THAT hard to avoid spoilers, and the evidence points to "spoilers" actually improving the overall viewing experience. I care that I watch TV at completely random moments - there's no such thing as prime time in my schedule.

    On demand.
    No ads.
    I'll pay for that. I did pay for that. With Quickflix I could watch good TV when the only thing on FTA was frakin' infomercials. My copyright infringement fell off a cliff. But the content wasn't there and the service wasn't reliable, so I switched off.

    Having said that, kudos for true fast-tracking of the content to AU subscribers. I don't know how effective it will be against pirates but it's definitely a big step in the right direction.

    Will have to check out Foxtel Play!

    This doesn't mean anything really, the networks have pretty much missed the whole fast track = less piracy boat, its basically down to On Demand at reasonable price (aka Netflix) since foxtel is not on demand (though they repeat so often it almost could be) and it is definitely not reasonably priced, it wont make much of a difference.

    Granted if you buy a DVR you can get pseudo On Demand (but effectively rate limited to one ep a week), unfortunately FTA networks at least (dunno how good foxtel is at this) make that impractical with randomized start/end times.

    Perhaps this fabled joint catch up service will make it more friendly (at the moment iView is the only one thats really usable on a HTPC and then only just).

    de-bundle the shows and im in!

      oh whats that? youd like to pay for specific channels and content? im sorry but we only do bundles *nipple rub*

    I think this is a step in the right direction is so far as Foxtel at least appear to be listening to people. Unfortunately I think they've been misled or possibly wanted to believe getting the programs here early was a big issue (getting programs earlier probably wouldn't cost Foxtel much).

    In reality broadcast lag is just an annoyance and (for me anyway) certainly not a deal breaker. The real issue is cost. When Foxtel reduce their prices to match the value for money of services like Netflix and Hulu there will be a significant impact on pirating.

    After all the PRO NBN talk on this website (which i agree with) you then give FOXTEL publicity, lets not forget here the Rupert Murdoch owns foxtel and boycotted the Election with his media empire to KILL NBN.


      Gotta love Labor trolls.

      An education may help.

    They do a great job with Walking Dead, however it is basically the only show of this calibre that comes with the Standard package.

    They fast track a lot of other great shows (Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men etc) however you need to subscribe to an extra bundle to get Showcase. I have no interest in watching movies, however $25 extra a month for 2-3 shows a week is a rip off. I sent Foxtel an email to ask how much for just the one channel, and get the typical canned response "it represents great value, it works out only $x per episode" blah blah. They ignore the fact I'm already paying for a service of which I only use a fraction of! Canada's unbundling idea sounds brilliant. Give me Sky News, the Fox Sports channels, Showcase (+ Walking Dead) for a reasonable price and I'm done.

    If they do the right thing (like with the Walking Dead) I'll do the right thing. If they don't (everything else), I won't.

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