Bravo, Foxtel: Walking Dead Airing In Australia Within 30 Minutes Of US

Bravo, Foxtel: Walking Dead Airing In Australia Within 30 Minutes Of US

We give Foxtel a heap of crap for, quite often, being really crappy. Today, however, is not one of those days: Foxtel and local channel FX managed to air the season four premiere of The Walking Dead in Australia a mere 30 minutes after the episode has ended in the US.

Here’s how it works: AMC in the US aired the season four premiere episode, titled “30 Days Without An Accident”, at 9pm Eastern Time, or 12-midday Australian Eastern Daylight Time. The new episode will run on AMC for around 45-minutes to an hour, meaning it finishes at roughly 1pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Foxtel’s FX channel will air the episode at 1:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 30 minutes after the episode finishes in the US.

Not only will the premiere be expressed to Aussie screens, FX will screen the epic season three finale episode, “Welcome to the Tombs”, while you wait for the new ep so that you don’t miss out on any of the crucial zombie-backstory.

Foxtel will even play the episode live for users of the Foxtel Play online streaming service.


For those who miss out on the truly fast-tracked premiere in Australia, FX will replay the episode pretty much all night tonight from 8:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

FX’s latest efforts are almost as fast as the ABC’s effort to put Doctor Who on iView within the hour after it aired on the BBC, if not faster. It comes after we chastised FX for bragging about airing season three of The Walking Deadwithin 33 hours of the US“. Mercifully, the channel listened.

Whoever signed this deal with AMC in the US, come down to the Gizmodo office for your free hug. You’ve earned it. [Foxtel]