Australians Are Excited For The PlayStation 4. The Xbox One And The Wii U? Not So Much...

Recent research undertaken by Roy Morgan has attempted to gauge the excitement surrounding next generation consoles and the numbers are crystal clear. People are very excited about the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One, not so much. But the Wii U? Well, the Wii U is firmly at the bottom of the pile.

According to the numbers 600,000 aged 14 and above intend to buy a PlayStation 4 over the next year, but only half of that number (325,000) intend to pick up an Xbox One. The Wii U numbers, however, are far more alarming. Only 75,000 plan on picking up a Wii U.

According to George Pesutto, General Manager Media & Communications at Roy Morgan Research, these numbers might be the result of marketing and, more precisely, who each company is marketing to.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), July 2013–August 2013, n=3,437. Base: Australian population 14+ "[I]t’s clear that the marketing focus of each brand and console differ dramatically," he explained. "Sony continue to target heavy gamers with the PlayStation 4, promising higher graphics performance and a range of new titles. Microsoft appear to be promoting the Xbox One as a multi-dimensional home entertainment device.

"Besides the obvious benefit of being slightly cheaper than its competitor, PlayStation 4 has probably inspired more intent to purchase because it appeals to committed gamers, a group that tends to adopt and upgrade technology earlier than the more mainstream market that Microsoft are targeting with Xbox One."

So, by targeting early adopters with its marketing, and adjusting the message to suit those early adopters, the PlayStation 4 is more likely to achieve short term success. Makes sense.

Another interesting snippet was this: most of those who intended to buy a PS4 were buying it for themselves. The people who reported interest in the Xbox One were far more likely to claim they were buying the console for someone else.

Game on: Aussies set sights on PlayStation 4 [Roy Morgan]

Originally posted on Kotaku

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