Amazon’s New Login Service Saves You From Signing Up For Accounts

Today, Amazon launched a new feature called “Login and Pay With Amazon” that allows you to use your Amazon account as both a payment method and login credentials for third-party retailers. It’s the Amazon Payments feature that’s already available combined with the third-party login service that’s already available from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Plenty of online retailers and services already use Amazon Payments to handle their transactions. It’s great because for Amazons 200 million-odd active users, it means they don’t have to enter their credit card information as often. The new service, though, goes a step further by saving you from having to create a username and password for new retailers as well.

Basically, just like Facebook or Twitter or Google wants to be your login for everything — so too Amazon wants to be your login for everything.

Let’s not underestimate the awesomeness of not having to remember another username and password combination. It’s what makes logging in with Facebook and Twitter so darn appealing. You’ve got one service with tight security that you trust serving as the way you get into everything. Sure, this new service will also help Amazon dig into the business of transaction competitors like PayPal, but for you what matters is that your life will be easier. [Amazon]