A Tiny Letterpress Printer Made By A 3D Printer

A Tiny Letterpress Printer Made By A 3D Printer

The letterpress was a huge leap forward for mass communication when Johannes Gutenberg perfected the moveable type machine way back in the 1450s. These days, it’s considered a specialty craft. But this tiny letterpress is thoroughly modern: It’s assembled with parts printed on a standard 3D printer. Whoa.

This meta-machine was designed by Technifico and Lino’s Type, who teamed up to make a new take on the historical practice. They call their gadget Stampomatica.

The two models are mini enough to be portable once put together — one is sized for business cards, the other for postcards — and can be operated by manoeuvring super straightforward levers and clamps.

It’s possible to customise too, since you get to choose the plate, paper and ink, making each press fully capable of producing unique sets of paper goodies. Honestly, it’s one of the most clever merges of old and new tech I’ve seen in a while. I love these things. [designboom]

Pictures: Alessandra Carosi, Tecnificio at Maker Faire Rome