Quadropter Crashes Into Sydney Harbour Bridge, Camera IDs Owner

Quadropters are delicate pieces of equipment, not to mention expensive, so the thought of stacking one into, well, anything, is uncomfortable at best. That didn't stop one unknown person from crashing their camera-equipped drone into the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

According to a story over on SMH, the crashed copter was found late Wednesday night by security guards before being given to police. While authorities — including the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) — are investigating the accident, the article mentions that the quadcopter was likely being used for fun, rather than a trial-run for a sophisticated terrorist plot.

The owner of the device hasn't done himself any favours, with the drone's on-board camera not only recording its fateful trip, but the face of its controller as well. Apparently the quadropter started its journey from "the balcony of a highrise apartment", though it spent only minutes in the air before a building cut the trip short. The rest we know.


Image: unten44 / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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