3M’s Paint Defender Spray Film Lets You Peel The Dirt Off Your Car

A dirty car not only looks bad, it can also lead to reduced fuel efficiency if it affects your car’s aerodynamics. But who wants to spend every weekend washing their vehicle, or ponying up for car washes? No one, especially when 3M has created the perfect alternative: a spray-on invisible film that can be easily peeled off when your car gets too mucked up.

Designed to protect the paint on the front of your vehicle from rocks and other debris that can chip or mar its finish, the 3M Paint Defender System only requires about half an hour of work to apply, followed by a few hours with your vehicle left out in the sun to dry it completely.

What you’re left with is a clear invisible coating that works kind of like a force field protecting your car’s paint job. But at around $45 for the kit, the 3M Paint Defender System also seems like an affordable alternative to either paying a car wash to clean your vehicle, or your kids to do it. When your vehicle gets too grimy to be seen in public, you just need to peel off the filthy film and start over again. Now only if it worked on toddlers too. [3M]