Your Muggle Legs Need To Slytherin To Harry Potter Lycra

Black Milk, the Aussies behind the recent Mass Effect clothing lines, as well as other beloved franchises such as Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars has revealed its next set of designs, based on the world of Harry Potter.

Black Milk usually charges a premium for its licensed designs, but then the licences themselves won't be cheap. They're presumably hoping Harry Potter fans will go Dementor-ed over them.

The T-Shirt is Polyester, which is good; it would feel weird to have to write a sentence containing the phrase "Alan Rickman Lycra". It just would.

Equally speaking they're relatively limited prints that don't tend to last long, so if you're keen, it'd be wise to Snape them up quickly when they go on sale next week.

[Black Milk]

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