What’s The Best Logo Of All Time?

What’s The Best Logo Of All Time?

People tend not to like big changes, either in celebrity hairstyles or branding, which explains why so many major logo unveilings of the past few years have ended in disaster. But rather than harp on Yahoo’s spicy meatball of a new logo, let’s dig into the neglected category of the well-designed ones.

For most consumers, logos are all about intuition — a gut reaction that can’t be explained. As mid-century branding legend Walter Landor one said, “products are made in factories, but brands are created in the mind.” Which is why it doesn’t really make sense for this list to come from the brain of one person. Instead, we’d like to know what our readers think.

So, in the wake of Yahoo’s announcement, let’s make a Giz list of the smartest, funniest and most enduring logos out there. And, for consistency’s sake, stick to these simple guidelines.


1. There’s no limit on timeframe. Go ahead and submit your favourite 19th century German metalworking logo, if that’s your thing.

2. Before you submit, see if your entry has already been used. In that case, comment on that submission instead of creating a duplicate.

3. Don’t just leave a comment with a word or link to an image. Follow this handy format, which will help us parse your entries:

An Image of the Logo

Company Name

Why. Justify your choice — give us at least a sentence or two of explanation, whether it’s based on sheer aesthetics, a clever visual joke, or plain old feelings.

So put on your judgement hat and have at it.