Uber Offering Free Taxi Rides In Sydney This Week. Yes, Really.

App-based car and taxi service Uber has a good deal for Sydneysiders this week: two free trips of up to $30 each in an Uber taxi.

The deal runs until Friday at midday. Here are the conditions:

  • You need to register for Uber and book a taxi via the Uber app (iOS, Android or BlackBerry).
  • The offer is for a standard taxi trip, not Uber's more expensive 'BLACK' service offered through dedicated vehicles.
  • If your trip costs more than $30, you'll pay the difference. You can't use the offer more than twice during the week.

I suspect this offer might make it harder to score an Uber taxi ride this week, but hey, I'm not about to turn down free travel.


Originally published on Lifehacker Australia

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