This Bathroom Scale Also Suggests Exercises To Maintain Your Weight

Good news if you’re tired of your personal fitness trainer’s constant nagging you about eating healthy and staying active. You can just replace them with this bathroom scale that not only tells you how much you weigh, but also what kind of activities you can do to maintain your current physique.

For starters it’s just $100, way cheaper than any personal trainer, and on those days when you feel like being lazy, you can just stash it under the sink and ignore. Try that with a human and, well, you remember how that trial went. Using your personal information and the Harris-Benedict Equation — which determines a person’s ideal calorie intake — the scale suggests one of 157 different activities to stay in shape, and how much of each you need to do.

The scale can also keep tabs on up to four different users, so your entire family can compete to see who can avoid a heart attack the longest. [Hammacher Schlemmer]