The World’s Most Beautiful Scrabble Game Is Now Even More Drool-Worthy

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your Christmas shopping getting ever so slightly easier this year thanks to Andrew Capener. The creator of the original stunning Scrabble Typography Edition is back with an improved second edition that will have your friends or family happy to give up their Words With Friends addictions should they find this under the tree.

So what makes the Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition even more enticing? In addition to fifteen new typefaces, a maple storage box is cleverly hidden inside the walnut game board so everything tucks away into an easy to store package. And the game board now rotates 360 degrees thanks to a built-in lazy susan on the underside so no one has to play upside down.

But before you scoff at the $US200 price tag, remember that this edition, and the original, are truly pieces of art. Capener spent a lot of time listening to feedback to improve the second edition in every way possible. Besides, Scrabble’s been around for almost 60 years and will be with us even longer. Would you rather pass a tattered old board onto your kids, or this masterpiece? [Winning Solutions]