The Weirdest Thing On The Internet Tonight: Kind Of Blue

Last December, the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth, TX unveiled Jenny Holzer’s latest unnamed public art piece, an evolution of her continuing motif of “truisms” — such as Money Creates Taste or Lack of Charisma Can Be Fatal — on printed media.

As the MAM website explains:

Since the mid-1970s, Holzer has used language as her primary means of expression, delivering various statements and stories through a wide range of media. Beginning with inexpensively printed posters, Holzer’s art has steadily evolved in sophistication, expanding into a lexicon that includes advertising billboards, radio, television, clothing, and the medium she is most associated with — the electronic sign.

Kind of Blue is a mashup by Greg Vaughan, mixing b-roll of Holzer’s work at the MAM with his own musical score. The effect is nothing short of hypnotic.