The Greatest Wallet Ever To Fart In Your General Direction

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet (what are you, a communist?) here’s a great gift idea that kills a whole flock of birds with just one stone. Perfect for Monty Python fans, anyone you want to get into British comedy, the wealthy, and especially those you passive aggressively hate, this wallet’s adorned with Flying Circus artwork and of course plays multiple quotes when opened.

Made from tear-resistant Tyvek — the same stuff they wrap and weatherproof new houses with — the $US18 wallet is sure to last for generations as long as you remember to swap in a new battery every once in a while, or turn off the sound effects when you’ve had your fill. It’s probably the perfect gift for a teen in your life who’s just discovering Python, and can’t get enough of the troupe’s endless quotables. Or folks who just want to cause a little mayhem in the ATM line. [Neatoshop]

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