The Crazy Facial Hair From The US' Beard And Moustache Championships

There's something to be said for imaginatively styling the follicles on one's body. Of course, whether anyone will see said hairy designs is another matter entirely. For the blokes who participated in this year's National (US) Beard And Moustache Championships, their works of art were on full display, some of which you can check out here.

All the photos were taken by one Greg Anderson, who explains over at PetaPixel the effort he went to in order to snap the images. For those interested, he even includes his camera and lighting setup, if you wish to recreate the conditions at home (?):

The camera I used was a Mamiya 645DF with a Schneider 80mm LS lens and Leaf Aptus ii 7 digital back. The images were mostly shot at ISO 100 f7.1 at 1/250th of second. All of the lighting was Dynalite strobe. It was a 5 light set-up.

This is just a small selection of images from the set, hit up Anderson's page for the full gallery.

[Greg Anderson Photography, via PetaPixel]

Images: Greg Anderson Photography

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