The AFL And Telstra Are Working On A Google Glass App

It's true the mass availability of Google Glass may give rise to a new age of extraordinary creepiness. However, if you're feeling more optimistic about its future (and enjoy your sports), then you're probably looking forward to apps such as the recently announced "AFL Glassware", a Google Glass app dedicated to all things Aussie Rules.

Telstra and the AFL spread word of the app yesterday, according to Delimiter's Renai LeMay, though the app itself won't be available until 2014 at the earliest. AFL Glassware will deliver commentary, scores and statistics directly to the user's ears and eyeballs, as they sit in the stands watching the leather do its thing.

You can check out what it should look like over at developer Seventh Beam's website... or you can just point your eyes downwards.

The app looks and sounds similar to Blue, which Luke brought our attention to last week, though its no surprise sporting bodies (and developers) are warming to the idea of marrying Google Glass with live game information, which users can view while watching their competitive activity of choice.

Whether these apps will be any good, or Google Glass gains enough acceptance for them to be worth supporting, is another question entirely.

[Seventh Beam, via Delimiter]

Images: Seventh Beam

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