Stephen Conroy Wants Back In As Communications Minister

Stephen Conroy Wants Back In As Communications Minister

Never has a chalice been so particularly poisoned as the one sipped by former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. After his tumble out of the spotlight, he’s throwing his hat back into the ring to be the Labor Party’s new Shadow Communications Minister.

Conroy told Sky News yesterday (as reported by iTNews this morning) that, after much soul searching, he has advised Labor Party colleagues that he’d like his old position back in the yet-to-be-formed Shadow Cabinet ministry.

The former Communications Minister has been in political exile after backing the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the Labor leadership challenge that saw Kevin Rudd elected by Caucus members to the head of the party.

The position of Communications Minister was taken by Anthony Albanese in the lead-up to the Federal Election, but speculation is mounting that Albo will ascend to the head of the party following Kevin Rudd’s post-election resignation.

Conroy says that he wants to return to the ministry to hold Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott and former Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to account.

As of right now, the only position that’s for sure in both the Coalition cabinet and in the new Labor Opposition is that of Tony Abbott, who will be sworn in as Prime Minister next week. It’s impolite to speak out of turn about a Cabinet or front-bench position unless it has been offered to you, hence why Malcolm Turnbull is being coy about his position on the front bench. For all we know, Turnbull could be shipped over to the Defence portfolio as former Optus executive-turned-MP Paul Fletcher swoops in to handle the tricky job of Communications Minister.

Until the Ministry is announced, it’s all just speculation. [Sky News via iTNews]