Star Wars And Game Of Thrones Inspired These Amazing Carved Crayons

There's an endless array of creative hobbies, from painting miniatures to building guitars. There's also the lesser known art of carving stuff from crayons, something I wasn't familiar with until today. The results are impressive if you have the skills to match, as "HQ Tran" demonstrates with his rendition of Darth Vader above.

And it doesn't stop with Star Wars. If you head over to Tran's blog "Wax Nostalgic", fans of Game of Thrones will find a selection of house emblems represented in crayon, as well as a few characters from animated series Adventure Time.

You don't just have to sit and admire these colourful creations, you can head on over to Etsy and pick a few up, so long as you don't mind paying $22+ a piece.

[Wax Nostalgic, via Tor]

Images: HQ Tran

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