So Who Won The HP Split x2 Detachable Screen Notebooks?

So Who Won The HP Split x2 Detachable Screen Notebooks?

We had a huge response to this one. The response was great, as was the enthusiasm to review the Split x2 for Gizmodo. We’ll look to do more review comps in the future. But for now, the 3x Giz reader winners (and soon-to-be-guest-reviewers) are…

Peter Coffey

A Victorian primary school teacher who will also test the Split x2 on the road while on holidays in Perth.

Steve Moylan

An avid Giz reader and roof tiler from Western Australia who’s also a serious photographer. No doubt the Split x2 will get a serious photo-editing work out.

Jana Michaels

A exec from Victoria who will take the Split x2 through its paces in her role as a process improvement officer.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

The HP Split x2 has a detachable 13.3-inch touchscreen so it’s ideal for work as a notebook or kicking back on the couch as a tablet.

The big news: The Windows 8 install is powered by third-gen Intel® Core™ processors equipped coupled with 8GB of RAM. The tablet features a 128GB solid state drive and there’s a further 500GB storage in the keyboard base. In this same way, you also get dual batteries.