Reminder: Back Up Your Stuff Before Upgrading To iOS 7

Reminder: Back Your Stuff Up Before iOS 7 Drops Tomorrow

iOS 7 is arriving today. As exciting as that might be, major platform updates are almost always very buggy, so you should back your stuff up before you dive in. Here's a quick refresher on how.


  • Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to your settings and click iCloud.
  • Select Storage & Backup.
  • Tap Back Up Now. It should take only a few minutes to back you up on iCloud, depending on when you last did this.
Reminder: Back Your Stuff Up Before iOS 7 Drops Tomorrow


  • Plug your phone into your laptop.
  • Select the Summary tab.
  • Scroll down to the second section. Under Manually Back Up and Restore, hit Back Up Now. Your phone and your computer will automatically start saving all your stuff. Again, this should happen pretty quickly, depending on when your last backup was.
Reminder: Back Your Stuff Up Before iOS 7 Drops Tomorrow

Once you're all set, you're free to upgrade in peace. [h/t @CultofMac]


    remember kids that when apple says a date, add 24 hours for people on the other side of the pacific

      Lifehacker Australia seems to forget this disclaimer (adding 24 hours) every time.

        From what I understand when republishing US articles they are not allowed to modify the content in any way. Stupid but, apparently that's the deal.

          Thats incredibly stupid, what about localising the article.

    Be careful backing up to iCloud. You don't want Apple having your fingerprint.

      Finger print details are not saved on the icloud or available to any other app to use. It is locked away inside the A7 chip

      Last edited 18/09/13 10:43 am

      Even if they did get it, what exactly are you worried Apple will do with your fingerprints?

      timmy tool is a stupid tool

    Fingerprints aren't backed up to iCloud and the actual fingerprint itself isn't stored on your phone either.

      Actually its stored on the iPhone, its stored on the A7 chip. watch the iphone 5s video

      Last edited 18/09/13 10:48 am

        It is not the fingerprint themselves (image), but the encrypted digital result of the scan (probably something like a passphrase of some sort). This is actually stored on the secure side of the A7 chip, look at, it explains it quite nicely

      ....Really?...really dude? couldnt sense the sarcasm in that?....let alone the fact that no iphone 5S has been sold in Aus yet

    I backed up to cloud for the first time the other night. Then it wiped all of my contacts list.

    I went a step further and cleaned up my iTunes install. Turns out it was a good decision as the QuickTime installation had become corrupted and it was the leading cause (though not the only cause) of a lot of problems I had been having over the last few months with iTunes and it would have definitely caused issues during the update..

    Also.. I've noticed a lot of apps have updates that warn people to update the app before upgrading to iOS 7.. so maybe that is something you should do too...

    Last edited 18/09/13 12:26 pm

    And remember, if you back up using iTunes, back up the back up files. I've seen it a few times now where the update wipes the phone/iPad then does a backup and then restores from that blank.

    Is there a way to backup or remeber the actual music that is loaded on your iphone ? Or do you have to re-load all that from scratch from iTunes.?

      If you subscribe to iTunes match, all your music is matched and copies stored in the cloud. You can then either stream or download your music at any time. $35 for 12 months.

    From someone who hasnt backed up in a while...if I back up to iCloud will this save all my photos?

    Br prepared to have issues and extreme slowness doing backup/restore to icloud and even during a local upgrade/restore process. Apple servers tend to get hammered and cause a few timeouts initially.

    Or just wait until say Next Wednesday for 7.0.1 when they fix some big F'up they missed :)

      So you've been testing the betas and GM release then? Coz from my direct experience its clean, quick and a breath of fresh air, unlike your trolling posts.

    sweet hope those come out next year or two

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