Nobody Is Queueing For The iPhone Launch Right Now [Updated: There’s Someone There Now!]

Nobody Is Queueing For The iPhone Launch Right Now [Updated: There’s Someone There Now!]
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One year ago, there were ten brave souls standing outside the Apple Store on George Street in Sydney waiting for the latest gifts from Apple. Flash-forward 359 days and Apple is gearing up for the launch of not one, but two new iPhones, and not a soul is waiting for them. Update: Someone is there now!

Apple just got in touch to tell us that there’s one guy in the queue right now. His name is Jimmy. Hi Jimmy!

Traditionally, the George Street Apple Store has been a hub for all things fanboy when it came to launch day for iPhones and iPads. The iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad Mini and iPhone 5 have all had Apple fans camping out for the 8am launch, but now there’s an empty space of pavement where the line should be.

There was even a silent war last year about who would be “the first” to buy the new iPhone. It certainly wasn’t the people at the front of the queue, that’s for sure.

We spoke to a few Apple Store staff who confirmed that there hadn’t been anyone lining up yet, adding that they were ready to do their usual hooting and hollering when the doors open at 8am tomorrow for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Will they have anyone to cheer, though? That’s the golden (champagne?) question. Someone might queue up between now and then, but it’s a ghost town right now.

Where have all the fanboys gone?