No, HTC, You Don't Need To Be Releasing A Hello Kitty Phone

HTC hasn't been having the best year, all things considered, despite putting out one of the best Android handsets money can buy. And then there's this; a Hello Kitty themed version of the HTC Butterfly S.

Why, HTC, why? I mean, it's not even as though it's a particularly innovative device. If it was (for the sake of argument) Hello Kitty shaped, then that I might see. But the Butterfly s Hello Kitty Edition (which, according to Android Beat, they're going to launch "globally") is essentially a 5 inch HTC One with a plastic back that happens to have a Hello Kitty logo on it, plus some wallpapers.

Or in other words, something you could do to just about any phone with a sticker and a little image manipulation.

Am I missing something? Is a Hello Kitty phone the next great device that'll launch HTC into the stratosphere? Somehow, I doubt it.

[Android Beat]

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