Is Apple Breaking Faith With Breaking Bad?

Is Apple Breaking Faith With Breaking Bad?

Apple sells season passes for popular shows via the iTunes store. So far, so good. But what do you do when a major network splits a “season” over two years? Apple made that two season passes, and that has some Breaking Bad fans seeing red.

In Ohio, a lawsuit has been launched against Apple regarding its season pass for season 5 of Breaking Bad, because the season pass only included the episodes broadcast in 2012; the more recent episodes have been sold separately under the banner of “the final season”.

The lawsuit is an interesting one, citing AMC’s own use of “season” terminology with regards to the popular show. In a single instance, the suit isn’t actually seeking much in the way of damages — simply the SD or HD price of the “Final Season”, although presumably if Apple’s sold a lot of those, it could get expensive fast.

I’ve got to be honest here; while I keep getting told that with my current goatee I look rather like Walter White, I’ve never actually watched any episodes. So — over to you. Do you reckon this is just one of those “only in the US” kind of lawsuits, or does it have merit?