iOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (And How To Fix Them)

IOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

The release of any new operating system brings a slew of slight problems and annoyances. iOS 7 is no different. With that in mind, here's how to fix some of the more common annoyances.

Disable Parallax

IOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

Parallax is iOS 7's new moving home screen. When you tilt your phone, the wallpaper shifts with it. It's a cool parlour trick, but not really useful. It's also incredibly distracting on the larger screen of an iPad. Worse is the fact that disabling it is hidden away. To turn it off head into: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. Turn that "On" and parallax is disabled.

Disable Control Center Within Apps

IOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

Control Center is the handy new feature where you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get quick access to various system toggles. It's great, but not all apps are ready for that gesture to exist. Subsequently, sometimes you'll accidentally pull up the Control Center drawer when you're playing a game or using an app. You can turn off Control Center in apps though. Just head to Settings > Control Center and toggle "Access Within Apps" off. It still works on the home screen and the lock screen.

Improve Battery Life By Disabling App Background Refresh

IOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

We haven't done extensive tests with this, but running iOS 7 on an third generation iPad drained the battery significantly. The fix turned out to be disabling "App Background Refresh". This is the smarter multitasking feature that keeps apps running in the background and refreshing content. It also appears to drain a lot of battery life in our case. To disable it, head to Settings > General >Background App Refresh and toggle the setting to off. Your mileage may vary, but it helped our battery life a lot.

Get The Old Notification Center Back

IOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

Notification Center sees a huge overhaul in iOS 7. You now have a calendar view showing what's coming up on your calendar, as well as a quick summary of the weather. If you want something closer to the old Notification Center, you can pop into Settings > Notification Center and change a few options around. Turn off the "Today View", "Today Summary" and "Tomorrow Summary." Then set up your notifications for apps you'd like information from.

Disable Automatic App Updates

IOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

Automatic App Updates is a new feature in iOS 7 where iTunes automatically downloads and updates all your apps for you in the background. That's handy, but as we all know, sometimes an app will introduce a bug or feature that you don't want. If you're not comfortable with automatic updates, you can turn them off by heading into Settings > iTunes and App Store and toggling the "Updates" setting of "Automatic Downloads" to off.

Make Messages Display A Person's Full Name

IOS 7's Biggest Annoyances (and How to Fix Them)

By default, Messages no longer shows a contact's full name. This is handy when you have friends with obnoxiously long and very specific names, but chances are you know a few people with the same name. This can cause confusion. To reenable the last name display in Messages, head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap the "Short Name" option under "Contact" and change it to whichever selection you prefer.

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    So disable all the nice new features iOS 7 has added....

    I don't understand why the other features are such annoyance? I've been running iOS7 since the GM was released and my battery life seems to be better. And that's with App background refreshing on.

      I'm running it on an iPhone 4. While I don't care for the OS itself, I have to concur on improved battery life.

      When I went to bed at the end of my normal working day, I was usually on 33% of my battery charge. Now, at the end of a normal working day, I'm sitting on roughly 52%.

      Aside from that, the OS itself is just flat, plain and boring.

    Automatic App updates is the best thing is ios7.
    I don't use my iPad as much as my phone and it used to be extremely frustrating trying to keep the apps up to date on it. Not anymore.

    Unfortunately, you can't fix the two biggest annoyances as they are bugs:

    1. No auto rotation in the Apple Remote. It now only works in portrait mode.
    2. Turning the screen off (with the power button or by closing a megnetic cover) seems to cause the current state of any running apps to be lost. This happens to both Apple (Apple Remote) and non-Apple (Frontiers HD) apps. Basically, if I'm half way though a game, pause it, close the cover (so the screen 'clicks' off), then go back to the game - it takes me to the splash screen instead of where I paused the game.

      That's a dev issue, not a Apple. I have countless games that save my exact position after days of inactivity.

        Fair enough for third-party apps, but the Remote app is made by Apple. What's annoying Ishtar the Remote app is the one I probably use the most on my ipad.

        Last edited 24/09/13 6:41 am

          Unfortunately it's not just games. Facebook and eBay (to name but a few) regularly drop all unfinished messages or searched info and reload back to their main screen state losing your place, sometimes within seconds of switching apps and back again. It drives me crazy! I have app bg refresh off on my 4S running iOS 7.0.2 : (

    Hey, lets all just be thankful it isn't another post about the calendar number being slightly off centre.

    Is there a way to bring back the tap to tweet and post to facebook in the notification centre? Cause I really liked that tweet feature..

    I am unable to access facebook under this new operating system. I can load and download yet it will not open. Any suggestions please?

      sell your phone for one that works

    I upgrade to i OS 7 last Friday and I have an iphone 4. Since the upgrade I have lost all events that were scheduled on my calendar and I can't input any new appointments. I put them in but then they do not appear. Any help out there?

      I am having the same issue. Lost all info on calendar & can't input any new!

        Omg I hAve the same calendar issue. I have a 4s. I'm so annoyed... Did you find any solution to this?

          Same issues with calendar and would love a fix ASAP. I've lost all future appts and can't add anything new. It was my brain! I don't have them noted elsewhere.

      Go to settings - iCloud and turn off calendar. That should get your iphone calendar back. If nothing comes back at least you'll be able to starting adding appointments back in

    Have upgraded an iPad mini and iPhone 4S. The font in the calendar is now grey not black making it illegible. My wife will not upgrade her 2 apple products until she can read calendar and some of the other features with poor text contrast and colour. Very, very unhappy. I have tried to see how to reload iO6 but can't.

    I have an Ipad Mini and it wont turn off the apps as it used to do by double clicking and holding an app until it wiggled with a red cross in the top corner and tap to close it?

      You can double click the home button still and when you flick thru all the apps that are open, just slide your finger up the screen over the screen shot of the app and it closes :) hope that helps!

      To close apps just hold the home button & app windows will appear, swipe up to close each app.

      Martin, Crossing wiggling apps from iOS doesn't close them, that deletes them...

    I have been using Notes as my digital envelope back for scribbling down the many to - do lists. Now it is no longer yellow pages, but back to hard to read text on white. Some of the new app icons are driving me crazy, let alone the washed grey bar at the bottom of the ipad screen.
    Plus I use Contacts for my address book, and my wife uses Contacts XL. Now all her addressees have come across to Contacts. Why?
    Not much to complain about really, but why do they have to change the basics.

    Since I did my update on my iphone 5 and my ipad, as soon as the screen goes dark from not being used it disconnects from my wifi and won't automatically connect. I have checked my settings and it is set to connect automatically.

    Get ready for a boat rocking. But as an iOS 7 Dev Team member, I've been using iOS 7 for a while. I'm wondering how long it will take everyone to realise iOS 7 hasn't just skimmed ideas from Android, but the swipe function... that's Blackberry baby...

    The new built in calendar no longer shows week and month view where u can see what is on in those views, there is just month view with dots indicating there is an appt but u have to click on the day to see the appt. the search view is ok but I am very disappointed in such a drastic change for something I relied on so heavily.

    i already update my ipad to ios 7 and i find really annoying that when i connect to my wifi at home, my ipad will begin auto download all the apps update even i dont want to update.. and its really annoying even i already turn auto update off.. its frustating i dont know how to make it not auto download.. its eating all my bandwith and in my country i must pay a lot of money for quota internet.. i dont like this feature auto download.. i would like to control which app to update and which one dont have too..

    This article is useless... seems to be written by somebody who does not like changes... TRASH. thanks.

    How do i delete an app i no longer want from the IOS 7. It used to be as simple as holding the icon until the small red cross appeared now it doesn't do it

    Very frustrated with the calendar - I rely on it professionally, and can't access the right screens easily. Also can't get a new appointment to 'take,' so who knows if it will pop up several weeks from now? The white calendar screen is almost blinding. I'm fine with change, but not just for the sake of changing something. Some apps load very slowly now (probably the app's fault). Hope they fix the calendar bugs - soon. We should not have to load third-party basics such as a calendar app just to retain functionality.

    I have just downloaded IOS 7 for my 4s, first stuff up i downloaded it. second, i had to factory reset the phone. third,music has completely gone,forth, when i open itunes and click on the iPhone icon on the left so i can use backup to reload the music,iTunes crashes....any ideas that doesn't involve a big hammer or a swear word?

    We would love to disable some of these things for instance the Access Within Apps on the Control Center - but it won't let us turn it off! There are a number of other places that are stuck on and we cannot get them to turn off. HELP.

    there are so many bugs in this new OS7 you couldnt poss cover them all! I absolutely hate it. it makes me want to smash my ipad mini with a hammer!
    for starters. the tiny type makes it extreamly hard to read.
    you cant listen to music with genre becasue it displays and plays everything. playing christmas music was impossable! on imessage you clear the messages with deleting the person your talking to.
    Trying to get my own photo on the wallpaper is useless, keep displaying it however it wants, extra large! everything is WHITE! boring also displaying a light background, you cannot read the svreen because the text stays white. etc etc.
    some of the new feature dont with with the mini, which i just bought last christmas, and just got paid for! ... SMASH SMASH!!! I am so over Apple!

    Hi, I have an issue with my calendar alerts. If I use the two alerts, when I input them , they keep on flipping. for example, I want my first alerts 2 hours before and then second alert 1 hour before. I enter it that way and it flips them so that the first alert is 1 hour before and the 2 alert is 2 hours before!!! I have to unflip it like 10 times before it takes. Then if I access that event later on , it may or may flip them again. I cannot figure out if there is a setting for this or if this is a bug? Does anyone know or have the same issue.... I am on the latest version of ios , this has happened with all the versions, makes no difference. Thank you!

      The calendar alert flipping issue has been there since I had my iPhone 3G. I really wish Apple would fix it. It's still occurs on iOS 8 as well.

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