Here’s A Leaked ‘Space Grey’ Version Of The Next Full-Sized iPad

Here’s A Leaked ‘Space Grey’ Version Of The Next Full-Sized iPad

We’ve already seen a possible ‘Space Grey’ version of the upcoming iPad Mini 2 floating around and now it’s time for the big brother version to get covered in grey steel too.

This grey is different than the usual silver seen on full-sized iPads mind you and if real, it would match up colour-wise with the ‘Space Grey’ iPhone 5S (which isn’t quite black).

Sonny Dickson got a hold of some iPad 5 parts and dedicated a whole gallery to it, if you’re interested. What’s mildly interesting about Apple offering a ‘Space Grey’ colour option for the full-sized iPad 5 is that Apple hasn’t offered anything different for the big iPad than the original silver casing. Sure, you could choose a black or white but no matter the pick, the back casing was always silver. A ‘Space Grey’ version means that Apple is turning the full-sized iPad into a bigger iPad Mini in more ways than one.

If — and it’s always an if when it comes to the Apple rumour mill — Apple sticks with its current colour options, a black iPad would have a ‘Space Grey’ back casing and a white iPad would have a silver back casing.

As you can see in the picture above, the space grey is darker than the silver. If you want to see more photos of a few leaked internal components of the upcoming iPad, head over to Sonny Dickson’s site. [Sonny Dickson]