Good-Guy Internode Ups Data Allowances For Heavy Users

The good folks at Internode want you to download stuff. Lots of stuff. To facilitate this desire for stuff, Internode is upping the allowances on its Easy Broadband plans, some of which up to 1200GB per month. Whuuuuuut?!

Internode is today increasing the amount of data offered on its Easy Broadband plans, while also lowering the cost of additional data blocks for customers.

Monthly quota on the 300GB plan is now up to 400GB, the Easy Broadband 600 and Easy Naked 600 are now packing 1200GB, up from (you guessed it) 600GB, and those already enjoying 1200GB plans will have their prices slashed to the cheaper rates.

Data blocks now get you more, as well, with $10 getting you an extra 10GB, right up to $80 for 200GB. There are a myriad of data blocks in between, check out the updated pricing page for more. [Internode]

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