Fracking Explained: A Balanced Look At A Complicated Problem

The debate over fracking has been thundering on for years now, but despite constantly hearing murmur of the many dangers and benefits the natural-gas-harvesting method presents, a disconcerting number of people are still relatively ignorant as to what fracking actually is. This video produced by YouTube channel Kurzgesagt wants to fix that.

With the many vested interests at play (namely money and natural resource control vs. environmental and safety concerns), most of the information you’ll find yourself up against has a fairly blatant bias. Kuzgesagt manages to present the pros and cons to both sides of the issue while maintaining a respectable emotional distance on a complicated issue. On the one hand, fracking is quick, relatively cheap method of providing the gas we need, but on the other, the consequences are pretty much unforeseeable at this point. So if you’re one of the many not totally sure what all the fuss is about, this is a good place to start. [Kurzgesagt via Dgolborne]