Facebook Has Blocked The Victorian Police Facebook Page

Facebook Has Blocked The Victorian Police Facebook Page

Alright rozzers — you’re nicked! Facebook has, for reasons unknown, blocked access to the Victorian Police Facebook page.

If you head to https://www.facebook.com/victoriapolice right at the moment, you’ll get summarily redirected to the standard Facebook Homepage, which suggests that the page has been blocked. A tweet last Friday from the official Twitter account for the Victorian Police states that it’s “technical difficulties”

Victoria Police are currently experiencing technical difficulties with Facebook. Keep up to date with us on Twitter #vicpol

A whole weekend’s worth of technical difficulties. That’s not good, although in both the case of the Facebook page (which certainly existed, according to Google Cache) and the Twitter account, it’s worth noting that these are primarily public information services; if you’ve got a crime to report it’s still a matter of using the usual contact details, up to and including 000 for emergencies.

Thanks to Jack for the tip!