Everyone’s A Master Bartender With This App-Connected Drink Scale

You’ve mastered opening your guest’s beers with your bare hands, but what about when a dinner party calls for something a little more sophisticated? You can try you hand as an amateur mixologist, hoping you’ve got the proportions right for the perfect cocktail. Or wait for Brookstone’s new Perfect Drink system that guarantees precise pours.

The heart of the system is a tablet app that includes an exhaustive library of cocktails and other mixed drinks, ensuring you know exactly what goes into every concoction. And to guarantee you don’t screw it up, a connected scale measures every ingredient as you add it, guiding you through the creation process and keeping tabs on how much you’ve poured.

What’s particularly great about Perfect Drink system — available sometime in October for $US70 — is that it works with any glass or pitcher, automatically adjusting the ratios and amounts accordingly. And if you happen to accidentally add too much of one ingredient, it will make adjustments on the fly so your next pours will even everything out. Just remember that adding the cocktail umbrella is still all on your shoulders, there’s sadly no app to perfect that. [Brookstone via CoolThings]