Apple's Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected In One Tumblr

Apple's Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected in One Tumblr

So it's come to this. We knew iOS 7 had some dumb and frustrating imperfections, but hadn't scoured every bit of it for flaws in the small details that Apple used to nail. Well, some industrious design head has given Apple's new OS a proper fisking, and put all the screwups on a Tumblr. This might be what finally kills Jesus Diaz.

The errors range from poor alignment to strange colour selection to clipping errors to idiotic information organisation to flatly unusable chunks of screen. Maybe they won't get to you. Once you start noticing them, they probably will. Almost makes you miss the days when a calendar icon once a month and a fake bookshelf were the biggest problems in iOS. [Sloppy UI via BoingBoing]

Apple's Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected in One Tumblr
Apple's Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected in One Tumblr
Apple's Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected in One Tumblr


    Remember the one on the calendar icon is now centered. All else can be forgiven as long as on the 1st of October that one is goddamn centered.

      Hire more Indians!

    Another great one, if you follow the guide to hide iOS app from on an iPad running iOS 7 but exit app editing mode when you open a folder it will dump the folder inside that open folder. so far I have created a folder structure 6 or 7 folders deep and I'm still able to add more folders. They do not appear on the preview outside but count as an item, so they can exist in the folder all by themselves.

    Hmm, I'd argue that the "inconsistent font weight" one is actually because hours are more important than minutes (in terms of granularity), so they use a heavier weight on it.

    Not sure what they mean by "baseline" though.

      "Baseline" is a typography term. It just refers to the imaginary line where glyphs sit and where descenders on letters like 'g, y, j, q, p' extend down from.

      As Skittlebrau said, its the invisible line on which the letters sit (or dont sit in this case). If you look at the lowest point of the 4 and the lowest point of the "h" in hours, you may notice that the 4 sits around 1 pixel higher than the h. A baseline is similar to the blue lines on a writing pad.

      To some people this sort of thing sticks out like dog's bollocks, whilst others will never see it (or care) even if its pointed out.

    What a bunch of good little beta testers!

      Blame internal QA before you blame beta testers. They're the guys that are paid to find this shit and it should have never made a publicly available build.

        I think boomgarden was insinuating that apple's customers let the company treat them like beta testers.

    Looks like Apple just found a good way to encourage more people to report bugs when they find them.

    Isn't the middle one (the message box) not even real. when the message is typed, it is contained within the centered typing box. As you hit enter, the box slides up and to the right - all they have done is caught the box half way through this animation.

    In find my iphone, the icon for all devices still have the old wallpapers for the iDevices. Also the keyboard hasn't been updated.

    few aesthetic annoyances
    guarantee they will be fixed quick smart
    i dont see why its something to rage about

      I made your comment into a haiku:

      few annoyances
      guarantee they will be fixed
      not to rage about

    Uh come on....its release 7.0.0 its bound to have a few bugs! I have never used an operating system that hasn't got a few bugs during the first couple of releases. Every new release of both Microsoft & Android operating systems are also riddled with them. Its just part and parcel of designing a new operating system from the ground up.
    The message box example is also a non issue....when you hit send the message is animated i.e. moving into the sent messages string. The image shown above is just half way through the animation that's all.
    If these are the sorts of things that are causing people to lose sleep....well they really need to get a girl friend.
    IOS 7 on the whole is fantastic & undoubtedly now one of the best looking / performing operating systems out there. Considering its given away as a free upgrade, you won't see me complaining. Apple are fantastic at addressing IOS issues quickly, I have no doubt that many of the minor bugs will be cleared up with 7.0.1 & 7.0.2 etc.

    Last edited 20/09/13 4:51 pm

      Are you kidding? It's a piece of shit! It's awkward and clumsy to operate, in the majority of situations, it's installed automatically if you don't watch your auto-updates like a hawk, it's buggy as shit and I've watched it have a brain fart any time I try to switch between multiple apps that I'm using. Damned fanboi apologists. It is what it is, unfinished crap imposed on the cult-like apple customer public for beta testing. So glad I only have to put up with this crap with my work phone and not my personal one!

        geez its not that bad, i dont see any differences in accessing the critical features such as phone, messages, safari and settings, just a ui overhaul for the most part. Let me guess you use android for your other OS? I can see that the lack of UI customisation gets to you, but Apple make its products to appeal to a broad range of users without having to release a lot of hardware. Also the support structure for Apple is such that you can call them for any issue relating to IOS, and the consultant doesn't need to worry about troubleshooting a built-in app that doesn't exist (or has changed thanks to a different theme.

        I acknowledge your frustration, but I have had similar experiences with Android, where apps disappear randomly, UI elements are managed in 3 different places and updates are only as useful as the length of time that the manufacturer wants to support them for. I'd hate to think how many 2.3 devices are still out there, where version 3 or 4 would allow for more functionality as well as extending the life of the product.

        Don't hold back. Let it all out.
        But bravo for telling it like you see it.

      Are you high?
      Best looking and best performing OS?
      I believe you were paid to make those statements, you may believe it looks better, but it does not perform better, as far as performing tasks I see no difference as far as processing goes but it certainly iwent from the most intuitive to one of the least intuitive phones I have ever used.

      I have found too many things wrong with it to list, things that cause me to want to smash my phone many times every day.

      As far as the looks of, I instantly felt like I was mugged.

      I feel like I am a gamer who cannot afford a good video card so I have to turn off all the eye candy in order to get playable frame rates, so why with the huge price tag I paid for the iPhone 5 do I get cheap watered down graphics, why replace those beautiful buttons with text on them with "<" and ">"?

      After having used all the other smart phones and hating them all while waiting for iPhone to be available outside of ATT, when it finally happened I ran right down and got the iPhone 4 and was in instant heaven, it could so no wrong, I didn't have to read any instruction manuals, IT JUST WORKED!

      Had no hesitations shelling out the dough for the iPhone 5, more smartphone bliss, then came ios7, and I am in hell again.

      I was seriously considering switching to a Mac to replace my desktop PC, and was close to making the expensive order, now that will not happen because I don't feel any trust in Apple anymore, with Microsoft, Adobe, oracle, etc, I expect to get crapware dumped on me on a regular basis, if Apple is now in the same league as them, and they now are, there is zero reason to shell out the premium when the product and company behind it are no better than the rest.

      If I want to stress about software changing in horrible ways with each update, it might as well be the software/hardware with the smallest price tag.

      I feel like Apple has completely lost connection with what made them special.

      If it ain't broke don't fix it, the iPhone prior to ios7 was pretty much perfection, how can anyone in their right mind throw all that down the drain and foist this crap down our throats.

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