Apple iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c: Australian Prices And Release Dates

This morning we saw Apple take the lid off the new iPhones: the 5s and the 5c. How much will you pay for them in Australia, and when can you get your mitts on them? We have the details right here.

The iPhone 5s will start at $869 outright for the 16GB model, and move up to $999 for the 32GB model, followed by a whopping $1129 for the 64GB model. Phew. It will be available from September 20.

The iPhone 5c comes in two models: a 16GB version for $739 and a 32GB version for $869. Those are available for pre-order on September 13 before hitting shelves on September 20.

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    The 5C isn't as budget friendly as I had hoped...

      Yup.. had the 32GB been at around the $349 to $399 price point, I would have jumped ship since now I have an iPad and my wife an iPhone 5.. but at $869? I'll stick with Android :)

      I forgot for a moment that this was Apple, and thought the 5C might've been priced to compete with the Nexus4(5)... silly me

      As a designer, I feel the need to sink my teeth into an iPhone at least for a little while in order to better understand and design for it, but the cheapest iPhone 5C will get me a flagship Android with some change. #cookyoucray

      Absolutely. Apple had the opportunity to jump into the lower end pricepoint market, HAD the chance. They've fucked that chance royally.

      For that price, it's made my choice of the Nokia Lumia 1020 all the easier to swallow. That's their BUDGET phone.

      I fear Apple may have completely lost touch with the real world.

      how much do they cost?????????????????????

    Is the statute of limitations for blaming outgoing governments for stuff over? Because weakened dollar, etc

      Er... you realise that outside economic forces helped weaken the dollar, right? Why don't we congratulate the outgoing government for making the dollar the strongest It's almost ever been for a good long time?

    5C not quite the budget phone we all expected? Maybe means it will be free on lower phone plans ($50 I assume) but the price jump on the 5S is a bit of a stinger.

      how is $50 a lower phone plan? its a medium plan and no way they will offer a phone that is almost $800 on a $50 plan for free it will have a MRO or whatever your carrier calls it

        What I mean is that given the cheapest plan you can currently get an iPhone free on is $80 a month. So $50 is cheaper. Apple said 80% of iPhones sold are sold on plans so I guess they have delivered a cheaper phone in that regard.

    5C (32gb) comes in at $30 less my year old 5 (32gb), that's laughably stupid.

      Perhaps the softer Australian dollar has something to do with it? In September last year 1 AUD was worth between 1.04 and 1.05 USD, while this week it's closer to 0.93 USD.

        Have you seen the US price for the 5c outright? It's $99/$199.. :)

        Even taking that into account, the difference is HUGE... $99USD is around $107AUD.. add on some taxes.. let's be generous with that and add on the Apple Australia tax.. and you could get it to around $200 or $249.. heck, even $299 would have been in the ballpark.. but $739?! :) haha

          Erm, you do know that US pricing is with a 24 month contract. Therefore its sometime like Contract Plan + $8.33 handset repayment per month. It's not the outright pricing.

          I think you read it wrong... The price for a 5C in america is $99/$199 on a two year contract, not outright.

          That's not the outright price, it's subsidized on a two-year contract. While we Australians can pick up a phone on a two-year contract for $0 upfront, citizens of the good old USA have to put money down. More expensive the phone, the bigger the outlay.

            That said, they do list the outright contract-free price through T-Mobile as $649 for the 16GB version. Our price is 38% higher.

              Its also worth noting that the Australian prices include all our Taxes and duties. In the US, as these vary from state-to-state, the price for the US does not. This may add an additional 10 or 15% to the actual end-consumer price. Let alone the fact that the US dollar is growing stronger, leaving us well behind again. I don't think 38% is an unreasonable difference.

                Typical US sales tax is around 8%. But even subtracting GST from the Australian price still shows a 20% price difference, and factoring currency difference puts it at a 12% increase that is completely unjustified.

                  absolutely correct, its listed "outright" on the US apple store as $549, current exchange rates puts that at $AUD590, add GST that's $649, so we are 12.2% more expensive.

          wow, you actually thought thats what they paid? hahaha. We actually have decent MRO bonus's here with most phones available for $0 on a contract.

          $99/$199 on a 24 month contract... it is not the price of the iPhone :)

          Yeah a lot of misinformation about this. The outright price is definitely not $99/$199.

    American prices are as follows
    The iPohne 5S is priced at $199 for the 16 GB model, $299 for the 32 GB model, and $399 for the 64 GB model.
    Thanks for ruining our economy government

      No, those US prices don't include sales tax, and also come with a 12 or 24 month contract, which has a monthly fee.

      Last edited 11/09/13 8:03 am

      Hear hear, they only gained power a couple of days ago and we are already seeing the damage. ;)

    Does anyone notice a huge price jump from the US store to what was quoted for Aus?
    Why do we have to pay an extra $600-800?

    EDIT: Noticed read further down the page to find they're on a contract to pay off over a few years

    Last edited 11/09/13 6:34 am

    Nah, really. My gs4 was cheaper than the So called budget iPhone 5C. I knew that Apple doesn't understand what cheap is, but this is ridiculous. Their cheap, is more than expensive than the opposition's hero phones.

    "Apple's low-cost iPhone 5C will be available in Australia for A$739."
    Low cost? BWAHAHA!
    Or, you can buy the 5S for $1000+!
    Heres some more BWAHAHAHA's!

      My exact reaction.. though I said "HAHAHAHAHA" instead of "BWAHAHAHA". :) Will have to see what Mr Kogan comes up with as he is usually importing them from HK.. Even if you take taxes and exchange rates into account.. there's a massive difference between $99USD, which was the price listed as being sold in USA, and $739AUD :)

      I don't know what Apple expects to get out of this price-point in Australia.. it's like they don't want to sell it here at all.. it doesn't make a lot of sense. Obviously the people who already buy Apple handsets are going to continue to do so but they will get the 5 and the 5s. I think Apple has really missed an enormous opportunity of getting more people into the fold with a budget model selling for a reasonable price of around $300 outright.

      Unless it's a mistake, someone really dropped the ball on this.. or it was completely intentional so they wouldn't have sell and support it here.

      Last edited 11/09/13 7:28 am

        The outright price in america is not $99/$200. thats the amount you pay at the start of your contract, the phone is locked to at&t or whoever....

          Oh right.. I read it wrong on the other site.. :)

        Dude, how many times do people have to tell your ignorant ass that the prices you see in the US are an up front cost ON TOP OF THE CONTRACT.

        The outright price here means OUTRIGHT. No contract needed you do what you want, you own the phone.


      It looks like you're a little short on HAHA's there. Here you go, allow me to add some more:


    LOL a cheaper phone should be around i dunno, maybe $300?

    i got my Nokia flagship for the price of the "cheap" iPhone...

    so you pay the same for less features yup, really innovative apple

    so a tiny fingerprint scanner, different processor (the 64bit will do developers heads in) and a slightly different camera (the 120 fps is good though)

      Exactly my thoughts, i honestly dont know anyone that buys Iphones anymore, i guess people woke up. As for 120fps being good, while i agree, my little LG phone i had 7 years ago had 120fps. Apple is a joke.

        I had that lg too. It was kinda cool having it but it was terrible quality and certainly not 720p. Fingerprint scanner does look good.

    Apple needs a dictionary.

      I agree with all your comments about the pricing of what is laughably referrred to as a cheaper phone. However, comparing US and Australian prices is not comparing apples with apples. The pricing in the US is the price you pay for the "privilege" of entering into a contract with a telco provider. The contract fees include further payments for the handset. In Australia, there is no upfront fee. That being said, US telco contract prices are cheaper than in Australia but that is the subject of another story.

        I thought more about it.

        Instead of selling the old iPhone 5 at a reduced price like they always did when they introduce a new phone, they put iPhone 5 in a new budget (for them, not for customers) casing and sold it to customers at the same price they would have sold the now old iPhone 5.

        This basically increases their profit.

        Edit: small grammar correction. Hope there are no more.

        Last edited 11/09/13 9:01 am

    The 5c is not that much cheaper:( I was expecting around $350

    the 5C is around the same price as the 5..

    the 5S 64gb is around $200 more expensive than the old 5 64GB.

    they just increased their prices

    One of apples less advertised benefits is Genius Bar where you can have your Iphone replaced for a fraction of the original purchased price. This was always something that appealed to me....but it appears that I could buy two androids for the same price....and potentially have a little spare change as well.....

      And with that spare change, you could get either phone fixed should they fail.

    hahah cheap my ass "$739".

    Exact same camera

    Battery is slightly bigger and will give you the same number of hours as the i5 if not slightly more.

    Apple continues with the amazing innovation and "changing the game".

    Down the bottom of above page its says 549 no contract unlocked.

    549.00 without sales tax in US no contract, unlocked.
    671.80 without GST in AU no contract unlocked.

    Difference : 122.82 or 22.4% above US price.

    Last edited 11/09/13 8:30 am

      I believe the US outright version does not have LTE (it is for T-Mobile users)

      exchange rate is not anywhere near 1:1
      549 USD ~= 590 AUD.
      so more like $82 difference or 13% Australia tax above US price.

        Correct, I did not include exchange rates, its was more for the above posts for people saying 99 and 199 dollars above. ANZ calculator suggest cash conversion on 549 US is approximately 614.31, making the difference only 57.49.

          Bank currency calculators usually include processing fees and use favourable conversion rates to skim a bit off the top. This is just a value comparison, there's no actual cash conversion taking place, so you're probably better off using the exchange rate.

            quite possibly, the point was just to show the people crying foul that its not as bad as they think as opposed to making a 100 percent accurate calculation.

              I think people are more concerned with how ridiculously high the prices are (at all) and are looking for anything to blame, such as Australia tax. There's no way these devices justify their pricing in the US, let alone with a 12% Australia tax on top.

                I hear you. I haven't kept close tabs on the new iphones, but did apple actually say its a "budget" iphone or just two models ?

                  I'm not really an Apple fan so I don't keep up with what they announce, unfortunately. I think pretty much everyone expected a budget model release though.

    I am really glad I didnt buy any apple shares when they hit their low this year...because they are going to go a whole lot lower now!

    GS4's can be had for $600 right now....and that is a flagship phone
    Apple do not understand the term "budget" at all

    I love this prices!
    Maybe now not every student, housemaid and unemployed will have latest iPhone...

    And hey! What about Lightning 2???

    Self proclaimed apple basher here, but this is just silly.

    Those prices are outrageous, for colour, camera, battery? And fingerprint scanner?

    How this is anything other than taking a dump on your fans is beyond me. Save your cash, buy something cheaper

      Apple ar'nt gonna sell the iphone 5c unless they wake up and drop the price.
      The price is $739 for a plastic box with an apple sign on the back. The price for a real phone is $869.
      People will just hold back for another month or until the make the money to get the iphone 5s instead of the iphone 5c

    The price on them is a little extreme, especially in comparison to all the cheaper but fully featured Windows Phones and Androids on the market now.
    I was actually considering switching back to an iPhone from a droid but these prices are ridiculous.

    Lets see, $740 for a 5C or $587 for a Nokia Lumia 925.... or even $840 for a Lumia 1020. Bah, I say. Value ? My Arse!

    Holy f$%k the 64GB 5S price!!!??
    I thought paying a dollar shy of a THOUSAND for the 64GB iPhone 5 was bad enough, but 1129 is ridiculous! memory chips STILL cost a fortune for Apple does it???

    All the iSheep on the radio bragging about the new iPhone being $99, when they don't know the first thing about US phone pricing. Can't wait to see their face when they see the 16gb 5c comes out for over 700 bucks. I'll take my nexus 5 thanks

    Does anyone else not feel THAT keen about giving your fingerprints to the man?

      The fingerprints are stored on the hardware, inaccessible to any software on the phone and not uploaded to the cloud.

        If you choose to believe Apple......
        I myself wouldn't trust them.

          Just get a tin foil hat and you'll be fine mate.

    $739? for the basic iPhone 5C.... I payed the same amount for my brand new HTC One.

    Apple have lost touch... I see the 5C as a failure already.
    Also no NFC... Not sure if the fingerprint will work out, It never caught on with laptops.

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