Adoption Rates For iOS 6 And 7 Are Currently Neck And Neck

iOS 7 busted out of Cupertino mere days ago, yet adoption of the new operating system for Apple's iPhone is already knocking at the door of its predecessor, according to analytics provider Mixpanel. Considering iOS 6 burnt the sky with the speed at which it was installed when it hit last year, I guess iOS 7's popularity is not surprising.

Still, it's hard not to marvel at the numbers. As of writing, Mixpanel is reporting iOS 7 adoption at 47.84 per cent, based on some 2.9 billion records. What is a record exactly? VentureBeat's Christina Farr reports that each one represents an action from one of the "thousands of mobile applications" that use the platform. So yep, it's a fairly healthy sample size to draw from.

How about the other versions? iOS 6 holds onto a narrow lead with 48.38 per cent, while "Older" claims a sliver of the chart at 3.78 per cent.

Looking at the adoption history, you'd have to say iOS 7 will get confidently on top of its elder sibling within days, if not hours, though it looks like the two are currently bumping heads.

Not exactly a page you'll be spamming F5 on, but a curiosity nonetheless.

[Mixpanel, via VentureBeat]

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