New Portable DJ Sound System From Philips And Armin van Buuren

A Portable Sound System For Next Gen Itinerant DJs

If you're desperate to be scratching while you're on the move there's a new place to turn. GET IT? Ugh. Philips and Armin van Buuren just teamed up to release a new portable controller and sound system for iDevices. An updated version of other Philips releases, the M1X-DJ System has a lightning connector and bluetooth, 80 watt speakers, and integration with apps like djay 2. There are two platters, cross faders and other standard controls.

Honestly, the M1X-DJ is probably not "just like a professional DJ would use," but it has enough inputs and outputs to be expandable for a lot of different contexts and venues. And it runs for five hours on D batteries, so you can pretty literally kick it old skool. Coming in November, it will probably be in the $US500 neighbourhood. Also van Buuren said in the press release that "it's the ghettoblaster reinvented for today." Is ghettoblaster something people still say? [Bless This Stuff]

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