7 Million Australians Use A Tablet

WSJ: The Next iPad Will Use iPad Mini's Thin, Light Display Technology

Here's one for the yes-we-are/no-we're-not-in-the-Post-PC-era crowd. Figures released today suggest that tablet sales are accelerating at a rapid pace down under, with as many tablets sold in the first half of 2013 as sold in all of 2012.

Nearly 2.3 million tablets were sold in Australia in the first half of 2013 according to a Telsyte study, with some 7 million tablet users out there. We're apparently a sharing bunch when it comes to our tablets. Apple still has a slight margin with 52 per cent of tablet sales; Android then grabbed 43 per cent of the market and the remaining 5 per cent were Windows based devices.

As with other Android areas, Samsung's the one making the real money, with nearly 40 per cent of Android tablet sales bearing a Samsung mark. Telsyte's suggestion is that Android will overtake iOS in the tablet space, but not until 2015. Windows, meanwhile sits in third place, although there Telstye suggests that by 2017 it'll grab a 20 per cent market share.

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