7 Million Australians Use A Tablet

WSJ: The Next iPad Will Use iPad Mini's Thin, Light Display Technology

Here's one for the yes-we-are/no-we're-not-in-the-Post-PC-era crowd. Figures released today suggest that tablet sales are accelerating at a rapid pace down under, with as many tablets sold in the first half of 2013 as sold in all of 2012.

Nearly 2.3 million tablets were sold in Australia in the first half of 2013 according to a Telsyte study, with some 7 million tablet users out there. We're apparently a sharing bunch when it comes to our tablets. Apple still has a slight margin with 52 per cent of tablet sales; Android then grabbed 43 per cent of the market and the remaining 5 per cent were Windows based devices.

As with other Android areas, Samsung's the one making the real money, with nearly 40 per cent of Android tablet sales bearing a Samsung mark. Telsyte's suggestion is that Android will overtake iOS in the tablet space, but not until 2015. Windows, meanwhile sits in third place, although there Telstye suggests that by 2017 it'll grab a 20 per cent market share.


    I struggle to actually make use of a tablet. I had a 10" one given to me last year which i used on a flight and haven't touched since. I won an 8" one a few weeks ago and haven't even taken it out of the box. I suppose i should put them on eBay

      Everyone's needs and uses are different. If you don't need a tablet, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, I use mine more than I use a desktop. I can go for a few days without evening turning-on my desktop by just using my tablet.

        I've even shunned my iPad for the most part, just using my phone for about 90% of my personal computing! Of course 99% of my work computing is done on a traditional desktop, bit hard to write perl on a touch keyboard :)

        Yup, typing this on my Surface now :D. Got it instead of a notebook, but it's not for everybody.

    I wonder if they count the 30 tablets at my local cash converters.
    I still have not found a need or reason for a tablet. Although i am interested in the Surface Pro if and when they drop to $3-400 i may buy one.

    Preordered the original iPad, played with it non stop for 6months. Tried to use it as a daily computer, but then ended up being just a photo viewer/web browser/games device. Have hardly touched it since, Is used by parent now to browse the web, and sometimes check email, which I use a smartphone for.

    I still can't see a use for an arm tablet for me, but love my x86 Helix. Tablet for the lounge and doing readings, ultrabook on the go, and hook it up to my 27" screen at home for a desktop replacement. One device for all.

    I use my Note 10.1 mainly for drawing, music, some facebook...

    Real computers are so much better still for most things though, typing is a big one -though you could use a bluetooth keyboard if you really want but it takes away some of the tablet portability...
    Also movies are better on a PC, and porn, can't forget that. Tablets are crap at that.
    And of course all the graphic design work I do- compared to any modern laptop the capabilities of tablets are like a computer from a decade ago.

    I'd say that most people use their machines for facebook, twitter, social gaming, and only the most basic computing anyway, so tablets are fine for that. There are apps that allow for more complex media creation, but compared to what you can do with a full computer it's still very limited.

    -Unless it's one of the newer X86 Windows tablets, then you have the best of both worlds, almost... apart from disk space and battery life.

      I love my Note10.1. I woke up one Saturday and my first thought was I want a tablet, and I knew what I wanted before I started looking. I use mine mostly for web surfing, however I will use it to remote desktop into my pc or stream videos from there as well. It is better in bed than my laptop, which I haven't used in months, and if my pc wasn't connected to my tv, that too would be neglected.

      256GB of HDD and 8+ hours battery isn't too bad :)

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