You No Longer Need To Be An Artist To Appear In Your Own Comic Book

If you haven’t been able to convince publishers your life would make for an awesome comic book, and can’t draw more than a crude stick figure facsimile of yourself, you can thank the imaging researchers at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan. They’ve created a fun system that can automatically generate manga-style comics starring anyone striking a pose in front of its camera.

Edge-detection filters and other imaging tricks are used to turn photos of people into what appear to be hand-drawn images, with backgrounds automatically inserted based on their pose, and other elements positioned to line up with their hands or heads.

In the end a one-sheet manga page is printed, and to make it a truly authentic comic book, on the back you’ll even find an advertisement. Because if and when the system ever moves past the research stage, it’s being pitched as a fun way to generate memorable promotional materials that people will be hesitant to immediately throw away. [DigInfo TV]