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    So I'm headed to Hawaii for holidays. Yay. Plan to GoPro some activities, like hiking/kayaking etc.
    Any tips -- any thing I should definitely feel and turn into a story for Giz?

      Yeah,... just keep yer pants on... In public that is... :)

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    I was really dissapointed in Giz this week when they didn't accept my film camera's submission for the retro competition, because it didn't have any exif data. It was shot on a film camera - it's impossible for it to have exif data.

    I understand that I didn't submit in accordance with the rules - but in the spirit of the theme I was hoping for an exception. That's not my major beef, though - these are:

    For one - they failed to respond to any of the questions on the submission page - from others as well as myself. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2013/07/shooting-challenge-retro-win-an-olympus-pen-e-p5-camera/

    Secondly, they didn't tell me until the day that the voting started. This meant I didn't have any time to resubmit, or send them my negatives / receipt as proof of date.

    Further to this - there seems to be film images that were accepted in to the voting. How did they get there?

    I'd like to see Gizmodo respond to this complaint, and hear from anyone who has a suggestion about what I should do next time.


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    I have a Proposal for a Rubiks Cube Test:
    Step 1: Examine a randomized Cube for Ten Minutes.
    Step 2: Wearing a blindfold, Solve Cube.

      OK done!... Now what...? :)

        Now do it with your clothes on...

        Meanwhile I got to get back to working on my Indiegogo

    God, i am an idiot, the story thus far goes that i wanted to hook up my PS3 to my PC speakers because the sound on my TV is quite shit so i went out and bought a cheap digital to analog converter with a 2m Toslink cable. When i was hooking it up there was a quite high pitched sound coming out of the speakers even when the PS3 was turned off.

    Upon further research, it turned out that my TV has a headphone jack and digging through a few cable draws i found a 3.5mm/ RCA jack and it now works a charm and i now have perfect albeit a bit quite sound from my PS3 and i now have a $40 DAC which i can't find a use for.

      haha, I do the same thing - PS3 to TV through HDMI, then out to the stereo from the headphone jack. I do it mainly to be able to change the volume with the TV remote (my stereo remote volume buttons are on the same frequency as my TV channel changing buttons. Very annoying).

      Another solution though, if you don't have the remote issue; you can set the PS3 to output video via HDMI and sound via the RCA output built into the PS3. Possibly better sound for your situation? It's in the PS3 audio settings.

    Ok, gonna try and do a basic review of the Chinese Huawei Ascend Y300 that was released earlier this year. I've been making do with a very basic Samsung brick that was good for one thing only and wasn't the best at that. I bought the Huawei from eBay for $110 delivered and added a cheap cover and screen protector for a few bucks. This is a cheap no nonsense smartphone that acts kinda like a high end phone. I write this whilst playing Adelle on the stock MP3 player and was very surprised to see it easily match my Sony Walkman for sound quality, specially with the boost on. The phone itself is nothing special to look at and doesn't have Gorilla glass, hence the screen protector. It's running Android 4.1.1 but not sure if it will be updated to 4.1.2.. Aww heck I'll put the spec page at the bottom.. :) Basically it's a pretty fast phone for the money and I haven't seen it jump or stutter yet. The only thing letting it down is the poor "in phone" space for apps but I'm not a smartphone Aphile so I probably won't need too many anyway, although I did put a 16Gb SD into it for my MP3 collection, you can up that to 32Gb too. If you're looking for something for the other half or the kids that gets the job done without breaking the bank, this is it.... :)


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    Interested in people's opinions here. I bought a nexus 7 about 3 months ago. I use it mainly for reading and annotating textbooks and lecture notes on public transport and not much else.

    2 weeks ago it died, I took it back to Dick Smith in it's original box with all its accessories. I picked it up today to find it in a generic cardboard box which pissed me off a bit, as I was considering selling it. This was only a minor annoyance compared to what happened next.

    I got it home, booted it up and it straight away downloaded and offered to update to Jelly Bean 4.3. During this update there was an error, the little Android died, and now my device is bricked.

    Now, it's apparently a known problem and there's instructions out there that involve rooting and manually flashing a 4.3 ROM on to it, but I really don't feel like I should have to waste my time doing it. What do people think? Should I just take it back to the super friendly people at Dick?

      tough one.... you could try waiting until DS and Google run out of 2012 7s and then claim a replacement on warranty? Might nab yourself a 2013.

      Or you could root it, probably take you an hour and you might even find you enjoy playing with roms and things down the track. If you're not completely wedded to it it could be a good device for tinkering with. ParanoidAndroid with PIE and Halo - www.xda-developers.com/tag/paranoid-android

      Either way it might be time to choose another electronics retailer.... or just buy from Google. I had a Nexus 10 die on me and Google replaced it within a couple of days. You get the new device before you have to send the old one back (you just don't get your deposit refunded until they receive the old one). Much better service than I've ever had from DS.

        I'd flash it, if this is a plain 4.3 rom the tablet would be exactly the same as before (although I'm pretty sure all the apps would be uninstalled).

        DS are definitely not my preferred retailer. The only reason I went with them was price and convenience, they had a special on it at the time. I had considered holding out for a cheeky upgrade, but having no idea of their stock levels I could be waiting a while.

        I know I COULD root it, I've had a bit of a play with an old HTC Desire, and obviously being a nexus it will be a far simpler process. The point is I shouldn't have to. A brand new device out of the box should just work and not brick itself while updating. I'm definitely in camp Android, but I can see why people would go iOS when stuff like this happens.

        I think I'll take it back to Dick and make them deal with it, the customer service practice sure wont hurt them.

        Good tip though about buying direct from Google, I think I'll do that for sure next time.

    Anyone know what's happened to the Olympus PEN "Sharps" Shooting Challenge?

    The comp entry page said voting would start yesterday AM, but nothing has appeared. Wrote to Giz and still haven't had a response.

      Still no response from Giz... where's the comp gone?

        I think from memory that the comp was to be decided by the Editors this time round and was running over two weeks - maybe they won't do the usual voting process with the changed format?

          I think you might be right there. I thought they would have at least shown the entries though for us to have a look at... thanks for the reply.

    Ordered a replacement keyboard a week ago from Hong Kong by Internet...hasn't arrived and my tracking number is now invalid...cant tell if that means they screwed me or its in the mail.

    With Foxtel Canceling the SF channel, will Aussies have even less choice to legally watch that type of content..

    So... does this only get updated once a month?
    It feels weird... :|

    Quick question, does anyone know of a good way to clean the fingerprints off of a brushed aluminium surface that won't damage the finish?

    I bought a new laptop with at least what i think is an brushed aluminium lid and the fingerprints are starting to annoy me.

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