What Is JJ Abrams Teasing Us With This Time?

There's nobody better at teasing us with beautiful mysteries than JJ Abrams. His company, Bad Robot, now has a beautiful new one minute teaser for something that looks so good it doesn't even have a name. Whatever could it be?

The caretaker of the Star Trek and the Star Wars franchises is an avid Twilight Zone fan, which is definitely what this little black-and-white teaser is reminiscent of: a spooky mystery featuring tales from the mysterious other side.

The short starts with an out of focus character falling onto the shoreline at night, before scrambling out of the water to the backing of an ominous voice-over. The video reaches a crescendo when another character with a stitched up face emerges.

There's zero description on the video itself and the comments are disabled, so nobody can speculate in public.

What is this new mystery project?

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    Had to throw in that lens flare somewhere.

    JJ Abrams IMDB:

    Star Trek 3 (producer) (announced)

    2015 Mission: Impossible 5 (producer) (announced)

    ???? Half-Life (producer) (announced)

    ???? Portal (producer) (announced)

    ???? Untitled Cloverfield Sequel (producer) (announced)

    2015 Star Wars: Episode VII (producer) (pre-production)

    ???? Wunderkind (producer) (pre-production)

    2014 Infinitely Polar Bear (executive producer) (post-production)


    Could be the new Bad Robot TV show "Believe" due in 2013-2014


    Man from Atlantis... maybe not.

    Couldn't be a Deadpool movie could it?

    First things that came to my mind were The Crow, and Silence of the Lambs... maybe a mashup lol.

    JJ Abrams new anti-smoking commercial ?

    JJ Abrams on foreplay:

    '1 minute of heavy petting, then absolutely nothing for 2 years'.

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