What If Star Wars: Episode II Was Actually A Good Movie?

Depending on where you stand as a fan of Star Wars, Star Wars Episode I, II and III either destroyed everything you believed in humanity or were never actually real movies to begin with. But what if in an alternate universe (possibly far, far away) that trilogy was actually, like, good? I know, hard to imagine. But it's possible! Belated Media imagined how to make Star Wars: Episode II good, and it actually sounds quite fantastic.

There are movie clips, drawings, animations and enough good ideas like focusing on the friendship of Obi Wan and Anakin as opposed to the sappy forbidden love and plot tweaks that I'm totally going to replace my memory of watching Episode II with this YouTube video. Wow! What a great movie! Can't wait for Episode III, am I right? For reference, Belated Media had re-imagined Episode I early last year:

If you don't remember the changes from that video, it might be worth a re-watch as some of the changes in Episode II carry over from Episode I. [Belated Media]


    Oh FFS.

    Quit bashing the movies. It's old news now, like Chuck Norris jokes are old news now. Sure they weren't the best movies in the world, especially when compared with the original trilogy, but they certainly weren't BAD. I've seen plenty of worse movies that you can categorically say were genuinely bad.

      No, they were bad. The only decent aspect of them was the costume design, the artwork involved in the cinematography, about a third of the visual effects, the SFX and the soundtrack.

      They fully deserve all the criticism they get. I waited till just a couple of weeks ago to watch 2 and 3. The hype (and subsequent disappointment) of the original début wasn't influencing me. It was dull viewing, many of the visual effects were bellow par (floaty, jerky, artificial movement), the plotting was boring and childish as was the dialogue, filled with so man, many clichés. There were lots of silly coincidences... It was like a film written by a 12 year old or something intended for an afternoon cartoon.

        I enjoyed episode II. Loved episode I(Primarily the Pod race scene and Qui Gon Jinn fight.)and Episode III was awesome. I enjoyed seeing more of the republic and the greater council. Exploring and show the transition and depth. The effects were superb as they always are from the Star Wars films and the soundtrack amazing as it always is.

          The effects were not superb at all. I watched John Carter the other day and the effects there were levels above what they put in any star wars film. Lucas movies never do any good with living creatures with skin and hair with CG (the robots, models and animtronics were always excellent though), but even their robots and armoured clone troopers don't look like parts of the scenes.
          There is no greater depth to the Star Wars world shown in those new movies. The locations look lovely, but none of them have any character at all- they're nothing more than pretty scenery for Anikin and Obi Wan to do boring story stuff in and magically sudden;y find huge plots against the republic by just happening to drop in on meeting at just the exact right time... and so on.

          It's just lame. And for those who say "but it's for kids", well I wouldn't inflict that on a kid.

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            The movies were OK, problem is we have all grown up and so Star Wars is never going to have the same effect as it did when we were kids. My kids loved the movies when we watched them a month or so ago. I'm still a fan of the series but I feel sorry for those who feel so strongly about the new movies, to be blunt, get a life, with it will come new things to complain about.

            for Anikin and Obi Wan to do boring story stuff in and magically sudden;y find huge plots against the republic by just happening to drop in on meeting at just the exact right time... and so on.

            That is 100% of everything in anything. Batman suddenly following a random thug connected to Joke. Superman happens to save a exploding bus and notices a Luthercorp employee nearby. Iron Man just happened to be designing a new armour which is exactly what is needed to defeat the bad guy. Seriously if this is your gripe then you need to grow up. That is how it is in everything. Either the character 'stumbles' upon the info or is provided the info for no obvious reason. That's story telling.

            Also, John Carter is made 7 years later by Disney who also have some of the most talented CGI teams and Pixar. No surprise it looks better. The advancements in 3D modelling and texturing since 2002 & 2004 when SW: II & III were shot are HUGE. There is no comparison.

              "That is 100% of everything in anything."
              "That is how it is in everything. Either the character 'stumbles' upon the info or is provided the info for no obvious reason. That's story telling. "

              And then he uses comic book characters to make his point! Hahahaha!

              It's not advancement so much as pure skill of the artists. Most the the CGI in the Star Wars movies involves solid surfaces- the robots and clone troopers. These do not look convincingly real with the rest of the scenes. The only time they do is when you're seeing the real practical effects. Animating those kinds of thins and making it look convincing is down to the artist more than the software.

              And no- the Duex Ex Machina plot holes are as obvious and bad as they are because it was badly written. In the film they go from place to place for no other reason than to go to those plot points and suddenly discover them. In most films it's usually written well enough that the discovery of the coincidental plot point is not something you notice. This was join the dots.

              I've been watching a lot of different movies of varying quality lately and the last two star wars films were objectively the worst written. They looked great, but it is true that they didn't have much else going for them.
              Most definitely "B-" grade films wrapped up an A grade wrapping paper.

      the point is not bashing the movies, the point is that a guy took the time to rewrite them in a way he thought would be better and it happens that it's very good

      So long as people love the originals there will be dismay at just how terrible the prequels were.

      The reasons supporting this are many so I'll refer you to some incredible reviews of episodes 1-3:


    At the time I thought episode 2 was an improvement on episode 1, but looking back in retrospect I now think episode 1 was better even including the Jar-Jar drag factor.

    It's funny how many people know how to make the prequels better, but don't actually make better films themselves.

    I think Disney would be best served by getting JJ to film say 60 or so five minute set-piece Star Wars scenes, release them on Blu-Ray and say "Here - make your own movie since you're all so damn good at it". They get lots of money, fans get the film exactly as they want, and no one has to put up with another decade-and-a-half of pathetic whining.

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      Of course a lot of people know how to make better prequels. What is so amazing about that?
      These films rightly deserve negative criticism because they were very high profile, very expensive, involved famous actors, they were badly written, and are tied to a better made original trilogy that made quite a cultural impact.

      There was not the level of editorial oversight or control over Lucas to account for his failings in the making of the new films, so they turned out badly. This is patently obvious.

      The only pathetic whining is coming from the apologists.

    I don't think I've watched all of episode 2 without falling asleep........In the movie the young guy and the princess go off to some planet and get all in love, next thing there are robots fighting in like an arena of some sort.........I just can't stay awake during the romance bit to see when we get to the robot fighting bit.

    I enjoyed Ep II but I like these ideas. It's a shame we'll never see it. Hopefully the Ep VII writers take note.

    I like all 6 movies. Oh no!

    Sure Jar-Jar is annoying and I wish they left him out. Yes, the midiclorians ruined the mystery that is The Force. Anakin is a whinny *****. But otherwise, I enjoy them, always have, always will.

    The Clone Wars cgi tv show however...

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