Vodafone Boosts 3G Coverage Around The Country

Vodafone Boosts 3G Coverage Around The Country

Been pining for Vodafone coverage at your house? Good news: the carrier just switched on 1200 new towers around the country. Are you finally covered?

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The massive switch on is reportedly a 40 per cent expansion of the network, with 500,000 square kilometres now covered.

The coverage expansion focuses on:

• North Queensland,
• South West Queensland
• the NSW North Coast hinterland
• the NSW Central West
• South East, South West, Central and Western Victoria
• South-eastern South Australia
• Kalgoorlie and the Great Eastern Highway in Western Australia
• the Western Australian South West and Coral Coast

If you’re in one of those places and wanted to check out if you’re now covered, jump onto Vodafone’s new Coverage Maps. [Vodafone]