This Live-Action Daria Movie Trailer Featuring Aubrey Plaza Is Amazing

Aubrey Plaza is fast supplanting Jennifer Lawrence as the darling of the internet, and this might just catapult her right over the top: it's a faux-trailer for a live-action Daria movie!

Actually I guess if we really want to be true to Daria canon we should redact all the exclamation points and emotion from this article referencing it.

The trailer is produced by those geniuses over at CollegeHumor, and it depicts Daria's return to her home town for a 10-year high-school reunion. Daria and her best friend Jane are re-united, and Daria continues to get crap from her well-to-do sister about whether she should actually attend the reunion ceremony altogether. Aubrey Plaza pulls off Daria perfectly, too.

I guess if they were to recast the movie with another actress who could pull of brilliant emotionless dialogue, they could always cast whatever-her-name-is from those Twilight movies, right?

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